Reader Discussion: The Console Wars

by Darth Clark on May 22, 2015 at 04:05 PM

War never changes. You may recognize that adage from a watered-down RPG that's not worth my time (i.e. a western RPG), but it just so happens to be true when it comes to the video game industry. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo have been locked in an endless battle over control of your living room (well, Microsoft and Sony anyway – Nintendo seems content being the eternal loser). With the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 supplying both sides (that matter) with new reinforcements, it's time to pick a definitive winner once and for all.

As the editor-in-chief of Game Infarcer, I'm obviously way too important and influential to weigh in on the topic myself – whatever side I chose would instantly become the fan favorite, hence tainting the debate. Therefore, I'll abstain from sharing my own opinions and let you, the idiot public, decide for yourselves. Do you think the LameStation 4's vast library of exclusives (Bloodborne, a billion indie games no one wants to play, and umm...Knack?) gives Sony the edge? Or does the XBONE win thanks to the unique functionalities of Kinect (admit it, it's pretty hilarious when losers get tricked into turning off their own consoles or pulling up Bing during the middle of a match). Or hey, maybe you can actually come up with some bizzaro-world argument for why Nintendo's tablet/last-gen console hybrid is the best. Now's your time for you to weigh in!


But don't stop there! The latest consoles are just one aspect of this multi-faceted war. You also have to consider the entire history of these companies when choosing a winner, or else your objective opinion won't be valid. Remember, a big part of what makes your company the best is explaining why the other companies are the worst, so make sure to lay out the laundry list of grievances you have with the other companies. Any obscure, decades-old misstep is valuable ammunition for proving your point. Don't pull your punches (leave that to mainstream hack "journalists"); if we're really going to get to the bottom of the console war debate, we can't be held back by pleasantries.

Finally, don't wuss out: They're not all winners, and neither are gamers for having a bunch of great games to play. There is a correct answer here, people, and it's your job to figure it out and come to a unanimous decision in the comments section below.