Daybreak Boss Smedley: H1Z1 Bans Nearly 25,000 "Cockroach" Cheaters

by Matt Bertz on May 20, 2015 at 06:50 AM

Cheating can kill the best of games, which is why smart publishers proactively wipe them from servers whenever possible. Since the debut of H1Z1, Daybreak Game Company has tried to curb widespread cheating, banning 5,000 users last March. Now Daybreeak president John Smedley has announced that 24,837 users have been added to that tally.

In a series of tweets over the past few days, Smedley has actively decried this behavior, specifically calling out TMCHEATS, a website that offers a host of tools to give players an unfair leg up on the competition, including aim-bots and instant kill weapons. Smedley went as far to call these cheaters "cockroaches." 

When another user brought up the fact that this ban could effectively cost the company $500,000 in earnings, Smedley fired back, "I'm saying we don't want their damn money. We don't want them back."


[Source: PC Gamer]


Our Take
Stomping out behavior that adversely affects other players is critical for online games like H1Z1. The banned users may feel scorned, but not many people we've ever met want to play a game that lacks an even playing field.