Square To Release An Updated Version Of Final Fantasy XV Demo Next Month

by Mike Futter on May 18, 2015 at 02:58 AM

While we might not be getting any new information about Final Fantasy XV at E3, fans still have a reason to look forward to next month. Even if you’ve already played the Episode Duscae demo, you’ll have reason to return.

Square Enix previously mentioned that it was planning to update the demo based on fan feedback. That appears to be set for early June, based on a note posted to the Final Fantasy Twitter account.

Thanks to Google’s rough translation, we know that version 2.0 of the demo will be released in early June. Above, you can check out the entire Active Time Report, during which the update to Episode Duscae and the plans to skip E3 for Gamescom (at the 1 hour, 19 minute mark) were first announced.

For more on Final Fantasy XV, check out our hands-on preview from PAX East. Final Fantasy XV is in development for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

[Source: Square Enix on Twitter via Kotaku]


Our Take
It is quite rare that we see a company plan to update a demo based on feedback, but Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata is doing just that. The response to the community and the transparency of shown in the Active Time Reports have been refreshing and renew hope for the Final Fantasy franchise.