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Readers Respond: Fallout 4 Hype Leads In E3 Enthusiasm Poll

by Mike Futter on May 17, 2015 at 06:19 AM

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Yesterday, we asked our readers to chime in about which E3 press conference has them most excited. The responses are clear, and one company has gamers expecting a lot.

As you can see in the chart below, Bethesda leads the excitement with E3 just one month away. Our readers have high hopes for the reveal of Fallout 4.

Reader “masterassassin51” sums it up. “Bethesda’s,” he writes. “Mainly because I'm REALLY hoping for Fallout 4 to be announced.”

“Toothdecay” echoes that sentiment with just a bit more enthusiasm. “Bethesda!!!!!! I need Fallout 4!!!!!!!!!!!” he says.

The middle of the pack is tight, and readers have various reasons for looking forward to the platform conferences. “Sony, due to all the unannounced games from their development teams,” reader “Arnold” says. “But, Microsoft is claiming this E3 to be their best, so I'm excited for them too.”

Nintendo had a strong showing among our readers, with some interesting reasoning from some. “Nintendo because they are going to have to put on a great show now that Zelda is not going to be there,” writes “Collector.” 

Others just have confidence in the house of Mario’s ability to deliver. “Nintendo will be the best as always,” writes “plainviewz.”

EA had a lot of support, with readers focused on a few games we know are in development. Mass Effect, Star Wars: Battlefront, Mirror’s Edge, and Ghost Games’ upcoming Need for Speed were all mentioned.

A couple of our readers are just happy E3 is coming. “I DONT CARE. BRING ON THE GAMES,” writes “turbobunny.” 

Others are disinterested in the conferences entirely. “None to be honest, the majority of the games I want are delayed, the biggest for me, Zelda, is not going to be shown at all,” writes “Sepewrathv1.” “So I'm looking forward to E3 as a whole to see demos of games I'm excited for, but there is no conference I'm really excited to see. Unlike last year, because of the promise of Zelda, I was hyped for Nintendo’s.”

We still have a month left before the big show. As more announcements are revealed (either intentionally or due to loose lips), we’re interested to see if you change your minds. We’ll check back in with you closer to E3.