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Costume Quest Is Getting A Cartoon From The Adventure Time Studio

by Mike Futter on May 15, 2015 at 10:07 AM

Frederator Studios, the company behind Adventure Time and Fanboy & Chum Chum, has announced it is working on a video game tie-in project. Double Fine’s Costume Quest is being made into a cartoon.

The project was all but outed on the Frederator Facebook page, with Double Fine’s Greg Rice confirming the news on Twitter. "Wooooo super excited to finally talk about how we're making a Costume Quest cartoon with Frederator!" he writes.

Costume Quest stars children that fight RPG-style battles using powers bestowed upon them by their costumes. The original title was released in October 2010, with a follow-up in October 2014. For more on the games, check out our reviews of the first and second entries in the series.

[Source: Frederator Studios on Facebook, Greg Rice on Twitter via Polygon]