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ArenaNet Tackles Guild Wars 2 Hacker By Stripping, Killing, And Deleting His Character

by Brian Shea on May 10, 2015 at 07:39 AM

When you're playing in the same space as a hacker in an online game, things can get frustrating pretty quick. ArenaNet recently decided to make an example out of a problematic hacker in Guild Wars 2 and post the results on YouTube.

When Chris Cleary, game security lead, heard about the recent problems that an overpowered character called DarkSide was causing, he took matters into his own hands. First, he assumed control of the account behind DarkSide, then he stripped the character of all of his equipped gear, leaving him with nothing on but his boxer briefs. From there, it was a short march to a high ledge, which gave the character the perfect place to wave goodbye. You can witness the final moments of the character below.

Following the long fall to the ground, Cleary deleted all characters associated with the account and banned the player. In a subsequent post in the Guild Wars 2 Forums, Cleary hinted that there were other accounts owned by the same player that were also banned.

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