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GOG’s Steam Competitor, GOG Galaxy, Now In Open Beta

by Mike Futter on May 05, 2015 at 05:13 AM

A year ago before E3, GOG announced a new DRM-free platform to compete with Steam. Today, GOG Galaxy goes into open beta.

The software offers a library system that allows users to enable auto-updates, chat support, and cross-play with other platforms (like Steam). All of this is optional and can be disabled by the user. Matchmaking is also included for some titles.

One of the notable features allows users to rollback versions in the event that new patches have adverse impact on the experience. GOG’s first major release on Galaxy will be The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in just two weeks. The company says that Galaxy will lay the groundwork for additional AAA releases in the future.

You can sign up for the open beta on the GOG website


Our Take
The rollback feature seems like the best reason to use Galaxy right now, but I’m unclear why I want or need yet another storefront app. I already have Steam, EA’s Origin app, Blizzard’s, and (like in the old days) launchers for a number of standalone games not tied to specific services. I don’t think GOG has made the case yet for why users should migrate.