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Make Two Giant Mountains Say Whatever Silly Things You Want

by Mike Futter on Apr 30, 2015 at 07:48 AM

This has very little to do with gaming, but it has everything to do with play. A new website is a simple animated vista featuring two mountains with gaping maws and clever tongues. OK, scratch that last thing, because the Internet is feeding them things to say.

The concept is simple. By using the hashtag “#mountains” on Twitter or tweeting directly at the account (@MoMouthness), one of the two geological wonders will recite your message. The dynamic duo are also monitoring the “#bad” hashtag.  

The website bears credits naming Magnus Ostergren, Thomas Oger, Joakim Areschoug, Nils Friberg,Jennifer Aston, Marcus Flodihn, Marcus Frandsen, Rasmus Karlson. It also carries the name of the a capela group, which specializes text to speech solutions. The Twitter account attributes the project to Goo Technologies, a Swedish company that has developed the tools to create interactive 3D scenes such as this one. As a viral proof of concept, Mountains of Mouthness seems to be working, as the Internet is taking notice.

In the short time I was watching, all sorts of movie catchphrases came pouring out of their mouths, in equal measure with love notes to the two adorable hills. If you’re looking for some surprise humor or just adorably goofy mountains to play around with, head over to the website and just let it run in the background.