Konami Confirms Silent Hills Cancelation, But Series Still Alive

by Mike Futter on Apr 27, 2015 at 04:46 AM

Konami has had a rough stretch lately. Confusion still surrounds Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima's status with the company. Now, the publisher faces intense scrutiny over the status of another hotly anticipated title.

Over the weekend, an alleged comment from director Guillermo del Toro surfaced that indicated his involvement with Silent Hills had come to an end. Following that, actor Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) indicated that the project was dead (though it was unclear if he was reacting to internet furor or if there are more details of which he is aware). This followed an announcement that the playable trailer for the game (P.T.) will be removed from the PlayStation Store.

"P.T. is being pulled from the PS store since it was created as a playable teaser for 'Silent Hills', but the distribution period and license usage within the demo have both now expired," a company representative told us via email. "Also, in response to what Del Toro said during the Q&A, Konami is committed to new Silent Hill titles, however the embryonic 'Silent Hills' project developed with Guillermo del Toro and featuring the likeness of Norman Reedus will not be continued."

This put to bed the rumors of the past weekend, cementing them as reality. For those that have yet to play P.T., you'd best download that before it's gone.


Our Take
It's a shame that this project, which showed so much promise is now officially dead. There is a lot that can go wrong between announcement and release, and projects die all the time. it's rare that we get a playable glimpse of what could have been, though. 

Konami is likely moving away from console development, as it has strong investments in gambling and mobile. Hopefully it will maintain a streamlined core gaming portfolio that includes Metal Gear, Pro Evo Soccer, and a Silent Hill series that lives up to what Silent Hills could have been.