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Reader Discussion: How Do You Feel About Selling Mods On Steam?

by Ben Reeves on Apr 24, 2015 at 03:39 PM

Does Valve's move to open up Steam to modders create a new segment of game development or is it a shameless grab for cash? Do you think you'll buy mods?

Yesterday, Valve announced that modders could start making money off of their work by selling their mods through Steam. Steam Workshop users can now sell community-made mods, items, and maps as long as the original developer allows them. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the first game to open up those floodgates, but there will probably be more.

How do you feel about this turn of events? On one hand, it's nice that those who provide augments to a game might be able to get some compensation for their work. Are you happy about this? Or are you worried about the consumers? Do you feel like they might get nickel and dimed for some thing that used to be free? Perhaps you feel like this is counter to the whole spirit of mods. Should mods be free? In the case of Skyrim mods, modders are only making 25 percent off their work. Do you think this should be more?

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