Andrew McCutchen Gets A Haircut In Latest MLB 15: The Show Update

by Andrew Reiner on Apr 23, 2015 at 05:16 AM

Earlier this morning, Sony San Diego released a patch for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 versions of MLB 15: The Show that addresses a number of the glitches and tuning issues currently in the game. The development team also went out of its way to give Pittsburgh Pirates superstar, Andrew McCutchen, a haircut to reflect his current look.

Here are the other changes included in today's patch (text straight from Sony San Diego):

  • Online Gameplay – Game would occasionally hang following an Intentional Walk, a regular Base on Balls, a Hit by Pitch, or a Balk.
  • General – Batters would strikeout on the second strike when the performed certain check swings at pitches in the dirt.
  • Franchise mode – Edit Player screen was limiting users from editing generated players, and players on certain teams.
  • General – Specific “wall s****ing” home runs would result in a baserunner staying on 1st base, and not score correctly.
  • Online Franchise – Injuries were not occurring during Online Franchise games.
  • Online Gameplay – Guessing Pitches had a delay and users would occasionally fail to guess Location and Pitch Type when offering input quickly.
  • Online – Within Game Rooms, users were missing their rank logos that distinguished them as Rookie, Veteran, All-Star, Hall of Fame, or Legend rank.
  • Online – Play Now Rated and Diamond Dynasty – Home and Away team assignment was not random, resulting in some users always being the home team, or always the away team.
  • Online – Play Now Online rated – Controlling the KC Royals, user would be given control of the ace pitcher (Ventura) no matter who was chosen to be the starting pitcher in the Pitcher Select screen.
  • Card Collections – Redeem Legend button was missing after completing a collection.
  • General – CPU runners were not using correct lead off logic.
  • General – Specific edited rosters would cause the game to crash when loading into a Road To The Show Showcase game.
  • General – Andrew McCutchen’s hair has been adjusted – We gave him a haircut to match his current appearance.
  • General – Wrigley Field had some collision/Home Run detection issues. Certain foul balls were being counted as Home Runs down the 1st base line.
  • General – Sounds of the Show issues have been resolved. Custom music was not being saved correctly where users intended them to.
  • General – Public Announcer audio was frequently incorrect (announcing the wrong name) during the end of game wrap up and also when bringing relief pitchers into the game.
  • General – Highlight Reel was added back into post game menus, by popular demand!
  • General – Tweaking and refining of in game sound effects.
  • General – Front End User Interface tweaking. Team colors on User’s Player Card.
  • General – Tuning to trade logic, specifically how the CPU traded with other CPU teams in Franchise and Season modes.
  • General – Baserunning/Lead Runner windows were missing from Manager Mode.
  • General – Players will now wear sleeves when the game is played at lower temperatures.
  • General – Fixed many occurrences of consumer reported crashes, reported to us through the PS4 operating system crash reporting tool. Areas that encountered these rare crashes included: Exiting Amateur Draft in Franchise mode / Entering Diamond Dynasty / During initial boot-up / Using the Suggested Trade feature in Franchise mode / Specific in game scenarios.
  • Community Market – Changing pages in the marketplace completed order now works.
  • Gameplay – Animation clean up and tuning.
  • Gameplay – Adjustments to tagging sliding baserunners.
  • AI tuning – Bunt success rate was incorrect/too successful and accurate.
  • Year to Year Saves modifications – Properly handling a small batch of players who were not in the league in MLB 14, and how they transfer over to MLB 15.

[Source: Sony San Diego]


Our Take
Now that's attention to detail! It'll be interesting to see if Sony keeps its eye on the "playoff beards" that some teams rock toward the end of the season.