[Update] WB Interactive Issues Patch For Mortal Kombat X Error CE-34878-0 On PlayStation 4

by Kyle Hilliard on Apr 22, 2015 at 04:29 AM

Update: A patch was issued for Mortal Kombat X yesterday that should resolve issues related to error CE-34878-0.

Following our initial inquiry, WB Games support offered the following reply this morning:

Thank you for your inquiry. A new patch was released on April 21st to correct the crashing issues you have reported. Please download the patch and launch the game.

Original story:

Players are reporting an issue when trying to play their digital copies of Mortal Kombat X while signed online on PlayStation 4. Warner Bros. Interactive has offered a temporary workaround while, "the developers work on a permanent solution."

You can find full details of the workaround by heading here. Basically, if you're having problems playing Mortal Kombat X while signed into PSN on PlayStation 4, you will want to sign out, start the game, and then sign back in once you reach Mortal Kombat X's main menu.

It's unclear exactly what is causing this problem, but Warner Bros. Interactive is aware of the issue and is working on a permanent solution. It is explicit in this post that this is just a temporary measure to keep PlayStation 4 players playing the game.

We've reached out to Warner Bros. Interactive support for more details and will update this story if and when we receive a response.

[Source: WB Interactive support]