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Minecraft Scores The Most YouTube Views Last Month By A Wide Margin

by Justin Mikos on Apr 22, 2015 at 11:36 AM

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Newzoo and Octoly have begun tracking what games on YouTube are attracting the most views. The two companies have created a list that breaks down their total views, their share of the top 20 games on YouTube, and how the content breaks down between official sources and fan-made videos.

You can go to Newzoo’s website to see the full list, but the top ten games are as follows.

1. Minecraft – 3.934 billion views
2. Grand Theft Auto – 1.393 billion views
3. Five Nights At Freddy’s – 1.273 billion views
4. Call of Duty – 851 million views
5. FIFA – 770 million views
6. Garry’s Mod – 690 million views
7. League of Legends – 667 million views
8. Mario – 547 million views
9. Counter-Strike – 362 million views
10. Dota 2 – 282 million views

[Source: Newzoo via]

Our Take
Minecraft has an impressive 32-percent share of the top 20 gaming franchises by YouTube views even after so many years on the market. Perhaps it isn’t so surprising, considering how wide of an age range enjoys it and how much appeal there is in sharing your own worlds, structures, and achievements. It’s interesting that Destiny is so low on the list (#20) given how big it was during its first few months on the market, but maybe more people are finally ready to move on. The one franchise I’m surprised didn’t make the cut was Pokemon, but there hasn’t been a major game release in a while.