Gabe Newell Will Appear As An Enemy In Powerhoof Games' Crawl

by Kyle Hilliard on Apr 11, 2015 at 11:17 AM

Powerhoof Games' currently in early access title Crawl will soon get a very special guest appearance from the man behind Valve.

The whole process of Newell's appearance in the game began when Crawl artist and animator Barny Cumming made the gif you see below. That gif started picking up traction, so Cumming reached out to Newell to request official permission for his inclusion in the game – to which he agreed.

In his outreach to Newell, Cumming outlined some pros for Newell saying, "You will be the most powerful character in the game," and, "The transformation implies your more recent bearded look is actually your Super Saiyan form." You can find Cumming's full e-mail to Newell here.

You can find Crawl on Steam by heading here. Newell will apparently be included in the game's next update.

[Source: Powerhoof Games, via Polygon]


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