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Bungie Adding ‘Locks’ To Destiny Armory To Prevent Accidental Gear Deletion

by Mike Futter on Apr 10, 2015 at 05:40 AM

In this week’s Destiny update, Bungie revealed some more changes coming in the 1.1.2 patch. Unfortunately, all we know about timing is that it will arrive before the House of Wolves expansion.

Bungie is giving users an extra layer of protection for their weapons and armor. When the patch arrives, players will be able to “lock” their gear. By hovering over an item, you’ll be able to click the thumbstick to lock it.

In order to break down a locked item, you need to first unlock it and then compost it for materials. This won’t prevent anyone from maliciously deleting your items either in-person or over share play (which happened not too long ago, as you might recall).

Also coming are changes to Crucible PVP, specifically in the realm of special and heavy ammo drops. Special ammunition is about to get scarcer. There will be fewer crates spawning on longer timers and providing a diminished amount of ammo.

Special and heavy ammo crates will be opened once, with benefits delivered to teammates in a radius around the pickup. That area is expanding in 1.1.2. 

In order to modify match flow, Bungie is adding spawn timers and pre-spawn visual effects. Instead of a sudden spike of activity when a crate appears, players will ramp up to the skirmish over the precious rockets or machine gun magazines.

Finally, Bungie shares that a cosmetic change is coming to the Tower (and, if added, other social spaces). Players will now be able to wear their helmets while conducting business in the hub. Want to show off your full raid gear in a bullet-free setting? Now you can.

There seems to be a lot coming in 1.1.2, so much that it feels like it’s laying the groundwork for House of Wolves rather than just being an update. Hopefully the window between these two things isn’t that long.

[Source: Bungie]