Call Of Duty ‘Back In Black’ Trailer Reveals Treyarch’s Next Title

by Mike Futter on Apr 09, 2015 at 07:00 AM

The name of the video is “Back in Black.” Treyarch is developing this year’s Call of Duty title. We have a sneaking suspicion you’ve figured this out already.

But just in case you haven’t. The video below should make you smile.

As is standard with Call of Duty, we’re likely to find out more about the single player at E3. Multiplayer reveals typically take place around Gamescom in August.

This will be Treyarch’s first title on a three-year development cycle. Black Ops took us to the cold war. Black Ops II brought us to the future. We’re interested to see where this game leads us.

Update: In case there was any doubt this is a Black Ops III reveal (there wasn't, right?), a tweet from the official Activision account puts a fine point on it. This is Black Ops III.


Our Take
This is a different approach for Activision with Call of Duty, which usually blows out the first trailer during a sporting event. Embedding the Snapchat link in Black Ops II was clever, and the tease was handled subtly. I don’t think there was much mystery about what this title would be, but I’m a fan of how this was handled.