New Resident Evil Revelations 2 Update Enables Online Raid Mode

by Matthew Kato on Apr 01, 2015 at 04:51 AM

Resident Evil Revelations 2's Raid mode was a standout for the title, and now you can tackle the mode's missions with an online friend thanks to a free new update.

The update is now available for all versions of the game (PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC) except Xbox One. Capcom says the update for that platform is "taking a little more time to complete."

Apart from enabling co-op online raids, the update makes the Code Red stages in Raid mode harder, and enables multiple match-finding functions for online raids.

Finally, the update also kicks off the in-game weekly challenge events from residentevil.net, including Invasion of the Huge Creatures No. 1.

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[Source: Capcom Unity]


Our Take
Anecdotally, Raid mode seems to be a big hit for the game, and adding even more functionality is great news for fans and another reason to keep popping it back in.