Owlchemy Labs Has Hidden Steam Keys For Dyscourse Across The U.S.

by Jon Gregory on Mar 27, 2015 at 07:40 AM

Owlchemy Labs has been known over the last few years for its small, quirky mobile games like Smuggle Truck and Jack Lumber. Now, it’ll be known as the studio that hid steam keys on an island owned by the creator of Cards Against Humanity.

As part of a promotion for their new choice-driven adventure game Dyscourse, which released earlier this week on Steam, the studio has hidden thumb drives full of steam keys all over the US. The studio has already released the location of the first set of 100 keys, which are hidden in a tree on Hawaii 2 (the island in Maine that Max Temkin and the Cards Against Humanity team bought as part of its Ten Days of Kwanzaa or Whatever fundraiser late last year).

A fake blog, meant to be that of in-game character, Teddy, has more information on where the rest of the keys are hidden. Dyscourse is available now on Steam for $14.99, with a special edition that includes DLC available for $24.99.

Our Take
Someone had to use Hawaii 2 for something, at some point, and this seems like the kind of thing that island was destined for. It’s cool that Owlchemy Labs is giving away copies of their new game in an interesting way, but let’s hope they didn’t hide them in locations that are too remote.