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Nintendo Delays The Legend Of Zelda For Wii U Out Of 2015, Won't Be At E3

by Mike Futter on Mar 27, 2015 at 12:15 PM

Bad news for Wii U owners today. The biggest release of 2015 isn’t going to be in 2015 anymore. In a video message, producer Eiji Aonuma says the game will not make its planned release before the end of the year.

In the video statement below, Aonuma says that over the last three months, the development team has come up with new ideas for the game. Rather than cut them or amend them to make deadline, the team will be working without a specific deadline. 

“So I must apologize to all of you who were expecting the game by year’s end, but we are no longer making a 2015 release our number one priority,” Aonuma says. “Instead, our priority is to make it the ultimate and most complete Zelda game.”


Update: The Legend of Zelda will not be shown at E3 2015, Aonuma confirmed on Nintendo's Miiverse website

"As I said in the video, we would like to take this time so we can bring you a very special experience, by making the ultimate Zelda game," Aonuma writes. "Since we’d like to focus on developing the game we’ve decided to not show the game at this year’s E3."


Our Take
It’s hard not to wonder if The Legend of Zelda will appear on the Wii U at all. With Nintendo starting to talk about a new console, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising if the company eventually pushed this game off to make it a launch title for the system code named “NX.” Either way, this is a devastating blow to Nintendo and the Wii U in 2015.