Get 93 Sega Games For $80 With The Sega Steam Super Bundle

by Matt Helgeson on Mar 26, 2015 at 02:40 PM

Sega has already kicked off its weekend Steam sale, and is offering a staggering bundle.

Steam's Sega Weekend will feature most of the company's available titles at big discounts, ranging from classics like Crazy Taxi to the recent Alien: Isolation.

However, the best deal is the Sega Super Bundle, which gives you 93 games for $79.99. It's a huge swath of Sega's past, from Sonic the Hedgehog games and Golden Axe to the Total War series. It's a huge deal – just $20 more than a $60 retail game. It's important to note that some high-profile hits, like Alien: Isolation and Jet Grind Radio, aren't included in the bundle, so be sure to look at the list closely. Still, it's an incredible value.

Sega also announced that its hockey management sim Eastside Hockey Manager is now available in Steam Early Access.


Our Take
Some of these Steam sales are getting so good its almost overwhelming. I have no idea how I'd even begin to have time to play that many back catalog titles. Still, at these prices, even if you only play a handful it's still a good value.