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PlayStation 4 Finally Getting Promised Suspend/Resume Feature Tomorrow

by Mike Futter on Mar 25, 2015 at 02:50 AM

Sony has announced that PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.5 (codenamed “Yukimura”), will arrive tomorrow, March 26. The update includes a number of anticipated features, chief among them the long awaited “suspend/resume.”

Suspend/resume allows players to pick up exactly where they stopped in most PlayStation 4 games when waking the system from rest mode. The update also allows players to back up their entire hard drive to a USB-connected external storage device.

New social features are also included in the 2.5 update. You’ll be able to search for friends using their Facebook profiles, join friends from the “What’s New” section, and share automatically captured screenshots taken when you earn trophies.

Yukimura also includes accessibility options for those with visual impairments or limited dexterity. Controller functions can now be remapped, text-to-speech and larger text are available for the interface and messaging.

Those that use Share Play or Vita remote play will notice an improvement, as games that support 60 frames-per-second will now be streamed as such. Finally, Dailymotion users can now upload clips to that service.

The Vita and the PlayStation smartphone app will also be getting upgrades. Those will roll out tomorrow, also.


Our Take
The most notable feature here is suspend/resume, and it’s great that it’s finally here. That said, this was something promised in 2013 and only being delivered now. 

While we’re years away from the next console launch, we would do well to remember that both Microsoft and Sony sold hardware based on promises it wasn’t ready to fulfill. And it’s not the first time, either (I still can’t scan my skateboard into my Xbox with the Kinect or use my retail Xbox One as a devkit).

These things remind us that we need to be critical and realistic about platform-holder promises. Remember these things and use them to cut through the hype in the future.