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Evolve Unveils New Hunters & More In DLC

by Matthew Kato on Mar 19, 2015 at 02:00 AM

Evolve developer Turtle Rock and publisher 2K have announced that a host of DLC additions will hit the game at the end of the month, including four new hunters, two free maps, the Behemoth monster, and more.

All this content comes out for the game on March 31.

  • The Behemoth monster is free to anyone who preordered the game (as part of the Monster Expansion Pack) or is available for $14.99.
  • The four hunters (see below for more) are part of the Hunting Season Pass ($24.99) or the hunters can be purchased individually for $7.49 each.
  • Two new free maps: Broken Hill Mine (above) and Broken Hill Foundry (below) will appear first on Xbox One on March 31, and on other platforms on April 30.
  • The free Observer Mode allows a sixth member to show stats and change camera angles for enhanced streaming broadcasts.

Regardless if you buy the new hunters or monster or not, you'll still be able to play with those who have.

Here's some info on the new hunters:

TORVALD (Assault)

  • Primary: Autofire shotgun
  • Secondary: Mortar cannon
  • Unique Ability: Shrapnel grenade
  • Class Ability: Personal shield

SUNNY (Support)

  • Primary: Mininuke grenade launcher
  • Secondary: Jetpack booster
  • Unique Ability: Shield drone
  • Class Ability: Cloaking field

SLIM (Medic)

  • Primary: Leach gun
  • Secondary: Spore cloud launcher
  • Unique Ability: Healing drone
  • Class Ability: Healing burst

CROW (Trapper)

  • Primary: Kinetic long rifle
  • Secondary: Gobi the pet batray
  • Unique Ability: Stasis Gun
  • Class Ability: Mobile arena