Lego The Hobbit’s Cliffhanger Ending Won’t Be Resolved With Five Armies DLC

by Mike Futter on Mar 13, 2015 at 10:19 AM

Update: We went back through our press release archive and found evidence that Warner Bros. planned DLC for the third movie. At the time, the third Hobbit movie was still called There and Back Again.

"Additional content based on the third film, The Hobbit: There and Back Again, is planned to be available at a future release date," says a press release from Warner Bros. dated April 8, 2014. When asked about this, the Warner Bros. representative we received the initial comment from declined to provide more detail.

Original Story:

There had been some strong hints that Warner Bros. and Tt Games would be completing Lego The Hobbit’s story with DLC. The title was released in advance of the concluding cinematic chapter, meaning the game covers only the first two films.

Unfortunately, that cliffhanger is likely to remain unresolved, at least where DLC is concerned. We’ve reached out to Warner Bros. a number of times on this matter, and were previously told there was no news.

Today, there’s closure. Gamespot reports and we can confirm that Warner Bros. has no intention of releasing DLC representing The Battle of the Five Armies.

"The LEGO The Hobbit videogame gives LEGO and Middle-earth fans a fun, new way to experience the legendary adventures of Bilbo and company as told in the first two films of Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit trilogy,” a Warner Bros. representative told us via email. “The game provides an excellent set-up for the concluding chapter of Peter Jackson’s film, The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies. There are no plans to develop DLC based on the final film of the trilogy." 

This statement doesn’t rule out a follow-up title that covers the final movie or a “complete” edition of the game that incorporates all of the Lego Lord of the Rings experiences (inclusive of The Battle of the Five Armies). All we do know is that earlier reports of the DLC won’t be coming to fruition. For more on Lego The Hobbit, check out our review.


Our Take
This is certainly disappointing as there was a great deal of evidence Warner Bros. had at one time planned to expand the game. It will be interesting to see if this content shows up in another format and, if so, how the public reacts.