Meet Killer Instinct's New Japanese Horror Movie-Inspired Fighter, Hisako

by Kyle Hilliard on Mar 08, 2015 at 05:56 AM

She was teased at the end of the recent Aganos trailer, but now Iron Galaxy is offering an in-depth breakdown of the upcoming fighter.

You can check out the video below featuring Adam Heart and Isaac Torres from Iron Galaxy. In the video you will learn Hisako is really unlike most fighting game characters. She's very slow, but can dash forward very quickly, relies mostly on counters to do damage, and can also attack you from inside your body, which just sounds painful.

She will be available at the end of this month as part of Killer Instinct's season two package of characters. Killer Instinct is also getting a story mode, A.I. fighters that can be trained based on your fighting style, and more updates soon.

[Source: Killer Instinct, via Kotaku]