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Spencer: Holiday Attacks On Xbox Live Were 'A Learning Experience'

by Kimberley Wallace on Mar 04, 2015 at 02:33 PM

The network outages of Christmas are over, but that doesn't mean gamers don't feel any unease about it happening again. During my chat today with Microsoft head Phil Spencer, I asked what Microsoft is doing to address these concerns.

"Our commitment to Xbox One customers is to make sure our service is robust and reliable," Spencer says. While there wasn't any security threats in the holiday DDoS attacks, Spencer says it's just as important to Microsoft as having a stable service. 

Spencer also shared that he's been having conversations with other companies, like Sony and Nintendo, about this very topic. He says working and learning together can only benefit everyone. "I don't think it's great when PSN goes down," Spencer says. "It doesn't help me. All it does is put the fear and distrust from any gamer that's out there, so I look at all of us together as this is our collective opportunity to share what we can about what we're learning and how things are growing. Those conversations happen, which I think is great."

He said the holiday attacks have been a learning experience and he appreciates Xbox Live fans' patience during that time.