Halo: The Master Chief Collection Gets Significant Matchmaking, Party Update

by Mike Futter on Mar 04, 2015 at 05:02 AM

343 Industries is applying another bandage to Halo: The Master Chief Collection today. The company has rolled out a new update designed to further improve some of the lingering problems from the game’s November 11, 2014, launch.

Included in the patch are matchmaking improvements that seek to improve success rates, speed up searches, and generally improve stability of the process across the included titles. Parties, which have also had some issues, will see improved stability, also.

On the gameplay front, both Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 are getting some tweaks. In the original Halo, 343 has fixed a problem with aim assist that actually pushed the reticle away from enemies. Hit detection across host and client devices is also improved.

Halo 2 players will see improved hit detection and registration. There are also a number of campaign-related enhancements to stability.

You can read the full patch notes on Halo Waypoint.

[Source: 343 Industries]


Our Take
It’s clear that something went very wrong in the development of The Master Chief Collection. Stability and matchmaking problems still linger, though will hopefully be improved with this new patch. Still, it’s been four months and the game still needs these kind of core function improvements. Hopefully Halo 5 has a better launch.