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Interplay Is Remolding ClayFighter On PC In 2016

by Mike Futter on Mar 02, 2015 at 10:10 AM

Interplay has announced plans to revive its 16-bit fighting game series, ClayFighter. The title first arrived on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in late 1993 before coming to the Sega Genesis.

You can play ClayFighter on the Wii Virtual Console now, if you are feeling nostalgic. Or, you can wait until 2016 when Interplay releases a remastered version on PC.

The developer is planning for 20 characters, 20 stages, no gameplay mechanics, and yes, Claytalities. No images or video is available yet. For those that missed the 16-bit era, here’s what you can look forward to (courtesy of the National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers):

[Source: Interplay]


Our Take
With Mortal Kombat X amping up the gore, a ClayFighter revival seems fighting. Unfortunately, Interplay is limiting the title to PC (at least for now). Hopefully it will be worthy of attention (and perhaps a console port).