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SolForge Launches A Single Player Campaign

by Daniel Tack on Feb 26, 2015 at 06:35 AM

Digital trading card game SolForge is adding a single player campaign mode into the mix, launching today alongside the upcoming Reign of Varna expansion. While multiplayer battles and tournaments have been the focus of Stoneblade Entertainment's game thus far, the campaign mode will allow players to take on thematic encounters and earn some of the most sought after cards.

These missions will come in several varieties - some allow players to use their own constructed decks, others will have more structured challenges to take on with provided decks or force players to use special deckbuilding rules.

Players can select missions to take on that will earn them currency, packs, and other awards. At launch, six missions will be available, with another batch coming shortly after featuring another similar set. New missions will become available on a regular basis, including event style "Weekend Warrior" content that will have a limited duration and special rewards.

This all rolls out with a sort of mini-tutorial, which should allow new players to better understand the factions available in the game and get some additional tutelage as they explore some of the lore aspects behind each faction.

Our Take
It's becoming quite competitive in the digital card game space, and single-player campaigns and content are nice to have in addition to standard multiplayer fare.