[Update] Darksiders Creators Officially Announce Battle Chasers Game And Comic

by Kyle Hilliard on Feb 26, 2015 at 04:04 AM

Darksiders creator Joe Madureira and his studio made of former Vigil members have officially announced a game based on Madureira's Battle Chasers comic book series.

Speaking with Polygon, Madureira and Vigil co-founder and Darksiders II producer Ryan Stefanelli say the game will be an RPG with a "sense of adventure" similar to Darksiders. The game will feature Battle Chaser characters like Garrison, Gully, and Calibretto and Airship Syndicate is targeting release on PC and consoles. Currently, the studio is seeking funding for the game, though it has not decided exactly what avenues it will use for financing.

Regarding the comic, which had a famously unpredictable and drawn out release schedule, Madureira had little to announce in terms of publisher or release. He tells Polygon he would like to overhaul it as his art and storytelling style has changed over the years, wants to tie up loose ends from the original series, and make sure it ties into the game.

[Source: Airship Syndicate, via Polygon]

Original story:

An e-mail went out recently to those who signed up for Airship Syndicate's newsletter with a larger version of a previously shown image – and it strongly suggests Battle Chasers.

The original image, which you can see here, was recently tweeted out by Darksiders creator Joe Madureira and showed only the sword. The new image, seen above, is larger, full resolution, and and shows a silhouetted figure in the bottom right corner.

Many are speculating that that person is Garrison, a character from Madureira's never-completed comic book series, Battle Chasers. Madureira abandoned the comic series in 2001 after nine issues to pursue a career in video game design.

Adding to the speculation that Airship Syndicate is preparing to announce a Battle Chasers game, Madureira offered the following tweet, as well as many other response tweets that further hint, but don't officially confirm, a Battle Chasers announcement.

Additionally, Madureira also changed his twitter icon to an image of Garrison.

Alongside the image, the e-mail also reads, "The time has come! A storm has arrived... prepare for Battle! See the *official* reveal tomorrow on at 9AM CST! Click the button below to see the warrior who has returned for his legendary blade."

Airship Syndicate was formed by Madureira and other former Vigil members like Ryan Stefanelli, who served as producer for Darksiders II following the collapse of THQ and Vigil Games. You can find out more about Airship Syndicate by heading here.


Our Take
It seems like a pretty good bet that Airship Syndicate is preparing to announce a Battle Chasers game. It also sounds like we will definitely know by 9 AM CST.