Nearly 6 Millions Games Of Evolve Have Been Played Since Launch

by Kyle Hilliard on Feb 22, 2015 at 05:17 AM

Evolve released nearly two weeks age, giving Turtlerock some time to reflect on the game's launch and share some impressive stats.

You can find a big infographic on Evolve's website (or by clicking the image above) that showcases how much Evolve was been played during the game's opening week. Here some highlights reflecting the game's stats as of February 18:

  • 5,989,905 games have been played
  • 2:23 is the average time it takes to find your prey
  • 108 years-worth of Evolve has already been played
  • Monsters that hit stage three win 76.7% of the time
  • Hunters have won 48.1% of matches

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[Source: Evolve]


Our Take
These are some impressive stats for Evolve's launch, but the most impressive victory since the game launched on February 10 is there really hasn't been any downtime. The servers have been going strong since day one without much issue.