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Reader Discussion: Do You Go To Gaming Conventions?

by Ben Reeves on Feb 20, 2015 at 01:43 PM

MAGfest, PAX, Quakecon, TGS, Blizzcon, Gen Con, and even Dragon Con. There is no shortage of gaming conventions, and they seem to never stop growing. Of course, that means that people must be going to them. Are you one of them? What's your favorite? And which one will you be going to next?

Twitch just announced their own convention later this year, but they're not the only company that does conventions. Have you been to any recently?

Since I started working for Game Informer, I've been lucky enough to get to go to shows such as Comic Con, E3, TGS, and Gamescom, and a host of other smaller shows. I definitely love going to Japan, but I have to say that Comic Con might still be my favorite show. However, I also really enjoy PAX, and I'd love to go to PAX East at some point. What about you? Are there any gaming-related conventions that you have on your bucket list? If you go to conventions regularly, what's been your favorite?