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Epic Announces $5 Million Grant Program For Developers Working With Unreal Engine 4

by Mike Futter on Feb 19, 2015 at 08:52 AM

Epic Games wants to help you complete your project in Unreal Engine 4. The developer has announced a $5 million grant program that will support studios working in the latest version of the engine.

The company will make awards between $5,000 and $50,000, with funding going to games, animation, or visualizations created with Unreal Engine 4. Most importantly, Epic is offering these funds without any interest in ownership. Students, educators, and those engaging in crowdfunding projects are eligible, along with anyone else working in UE4.

“While development can be fueled by creativity and determination alone, finishing and releasing a commercial project often requires money,” says Epic founder and CEO Tim Sweeney. “We know this firsthand, as Epic’s early projects were built on shoestring budgets funded by such sources as Tim Sweeney’s lawn-mowing earnings, and Mark Rein’s credit card (before they took it away from him!). A small budget can make all the difference in shipping a project with the content, marketing materials, and promotional expenses necessary for it to gain traction.”

The company says that there are no obligations to Epic tied to accepting funds, awardees will keep the rights to their intellectual property, and there are no publishing restrictions. Applications are being handled via email.

Those interested need only email Epic at with a description of the project and supporting assets and details. Epic will entertain proposals from unannounced projects also, and says that it will not require participation in publicity if recipients opt out.

For more on applying, visit Epic’s website.


Our Take
Epic’s making a smart play here. With more publishers opting for in-house engines, giving people incentive to explore Unreal Engine 4 is smart in the long run. The more great games that are made on the engine, the better Epic looks.

This is near-term investment that has potential to reap big long-term rewards. It also means that Epic, which already does a good job of promoting UE4-based projects, gets another opportunity to tie its name to success.