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Watch Kids Rage Quit Super Meat Boy

by Elise Favis on Feb 18, 2015 at 11:31 AM

Super Meat Boy is exceptionally difficult, especially when compared to many mainstream video games. This bloody, unforgiving indie platformer received immense success and popularity when it released in 2010. Now you can watch a group of kids stumble their way through the game’s increasingly infuriating first world.

One girl points out how she dislikes only playing as a boy, whilst another realizes meat grinders are something to cautiously avoid. The video is amusing, as is their adverse reactions to failing repeatedly. Some of them improve with practice, and others just outright give up after giving a handful of tries.

This video is part of the React series, created by Fine Brothers Entertainment. The team gets teens and kids to watch controversial media or play through certain games, and records their reactions for YouTube. The YouTube channel React has done other gaming segments, such as teens playing the original Mega Man for the first time and Mario Kart 64.

Watch the Super Meat Boy video below.

[Source: YouTube, via React