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How One Artistic Smash Bros. Fan Convinced People Rayman Is Joining The Roster

by Kyle Hilliard on Feb 15, 2015 at 05:24 AM

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A short video of Rayman appearing on the Super Smash Bros. Wii U character select screen started making the rounds on the Internet recently. It was shared and even reported on in some cases as a leak, but today its creator has come clean with a full tutorial on how he made the "leaked" video.

The video comes from Omni Jacala who goes by Artsy Omni on YouTube. He put an incredible amount of work into the impressive hoax. All the details are there – Mewtwo is in the roster, the moving flames behind the character in the select screen are present, Rayman is animated properly when you select him, and he even has a Rayman-specific icon behind his head when you place the cursor on top of him.

Jacala released two additional videos alongside the one you see above showcasing a time-lapse painting of the Rayman he created. You can check them out below.

Jacala also offered an apology on twitter to anyone disappointed that Rayman won't be appearing in Super Smash Bros., or at least isn't planned to appear at the moment.

You can find more art from Omni Jacala (like this Super Smashified version of Klonoa) by checking out his blog here.