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DARPA Is Using The Oculus Rift As Part Of Its Cybersecurity Work

by Mike Futter on Feb 10, 2015 at 10:51 AM

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On a recent episode of 60 Minutes on CBS, Lesley Stahl investigated one of the United States Government’s lesser known agencies. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has had varying degrees of influence in the creation of the Internet, GPS, and even Apple’s Siri technology.

Dan Kaufman helped develop the Medal of Honor series while he was with Dreamworks Interactive, serving as the co-chief operating officer. Now, he manages DARPA’s Information Innovation Office, half of which is dedicated to staying ahead of cyberwarfare. You can see a bit of the feature below.

At four minutes into piece (available in full on CBS News' website), “DARPA Dan” (as he’s known) shows off an Oculus Rift application that teaches about cyber defense. “I don’t think the Internet is broken,” Kaufman says in response to a question about vulnerabilities. “I think the things we put on the Internet are broken. We’re putting a lot of devices on it that are in secure.”

When asked which devices he’s referring to. “Everything,” he replies.

For more on DARPA’s work on cyberwarfare and its intersection with gaming, check out the full video of the 60 Minutes segment on CBS News’ website.

[Source: CBS News]


Our Take
Whether you watch this because of an interest in virtual reality, to see how someone from the gaming world transitioned to military research, or because you think the technology is cool, spend the time with this. We’re all connected to the Internet via our phones, computers, gaming consoles, and even small appliances. While our interest is piqued because of gaming, the broader piece has bearing on anyone who uses networked technology.