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Total War: Attila Gets Insane Unboxing Video

by Ben Reeves on Feb 09, 2015 at 12:14 PM

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The special edition of Creative Assemblies' newest strategy sim, Total War: Attila, will include three new playable factions, a 64-page biography, and a double-sided poster, but you don’t want me yammering on about this game. Watch someone take an arrow to the knee while trying to do an unboxing.

One of these developers is about to get the short straw when trying to do an unboxing video. It's actually a little funny. If you want some actual details about how the game plays, check out this video of the companion app or this trailer that shows the game in action.


Our Take
I usually don't care much for unboxing videos, but if you're going to do one then it seems like this is the way to do them.