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Destiny Ice Breaker Weapon Recreated In Lego

by Elise Favis on Feb 04, 2015 at 06:15 AM

With all the hype that surrounded Destiny, it’s not surprising that someone would create a replica of one its exotic special weapons: The Ice Breaker. This sniper rifle has been recreated entirely out of Lego bricks by YouTuber ZaziNombies and measures 42 inches long. The gun is built from approximately 2,100 Lego bricks. 

The actual Ice Breaker can be claimed in multiple ways in Destiny. It can be bought from Xûr for 17 strange coins, achieved through random rewards, earned from an engram, or found in specific chests. The Ice Breaker regenerates ammo and never has to be reloaded, which gives a lot of advantage to Destiny players wielding it.

ZaziNombies has created other video game inspired Lego replicas, such as ClapTrap from Borderlands, and Minecraft structures including a giant castle made out of 20,000 Legos.

Check out the Lego Ice Breaker below.

[Source: ZaziNombies, via Youtube]