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Reanimated Pokémon Intro Is Amazing, Slightly Disturbing

by Jon Gregory on Feb 03, 2015 at 07:05 AM

For a generation of kids, the Pokémon animated series holds fond memories. Bolstered by the success of the Game Boy titles and accompanying trading cards, the show was a staple of weekday afternoon TV following its release in September, 1998. Now in its 17th season, the series continues to air on Disney XD.

The show has become a popular target for recreation and parody over the years, especially because of its highly recognizable original theme song and intro. Elements of the show have been remixed, covered, repurposed, and spoofed countless times, but few odes to the beloved series are as involved as the Pokémon ReAnimated project's shot for shot recreation of the show’s first intro sequence.

Spencer Moreland, who edited the project, says the inspiration came from the Moon Animate Make-Up - a similar project where a team of more than 250 animators recreated an entire episode of Sailor Moon. "It just seemed like such a fun idea for a collaborative project, and the end result with all of the shifting styles and tones was wacky, absurd and really entertaining, while still showcasing a lot of talented people's unique styles," says Moreland. "Everyone loves Pokémon or at least has some nostalgic ties to it, so I floated out the idea and very quickly got enough people involved to pull it off."

Moreland says the group, made up of 32 different animators at the moment, definitely plans to do more work, but the decision on whether or not to reanimate an entire episode of the Pokémon series or tackle the intro from another show hasn't been made yet.

The Pokémon ReAnimated Intro can be watched in its entirety below. However, there is a slightly NSFW butt in the video, so consider yourself warned. 

[Source:Pokémon ReAnimated, via  Kotaku]