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This Week In Mobile: Mysteries, Maces, and Monsters

by Elise Favis on Jan 30, 2015 at 10:49 AM

This week’s list has a wide variety of rad games so you can tap away and keep boredom at bay. Genres include adventure, arcade, and hack-and-slash, among others. Here’s our top picks of what to pick up and play in the mobile world.

Radiation Island
Developer: Atypical Games
Platform: iOS
Price: $2.99

Radiation Island can in some ways be considered the Dead Island equivalent on mobile. It features an expansive open-world with survival adventure gameplay. After partaking in the failed Philadelphia Experiment, you find yourself stranded on a mysterious island in an alternate dimension. Watch out for zombies, wild animals, and other unfriendly beasts. The game boasts beautiful graphics as you explore this post-apocalyptic open-world, craft items, and uncover hidden treasures. Certain iOS game controllers are supported. Happy zombie hunting.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered
Developer: Quantic Dream
Platform: iOS
Price: $9.99

This classic Quantic Dream adventure is one of David Cage’s early works from 2005, and it's been remastered for iOS. With a mix of murder mystery and sci-fi (which becomes stranger as the game progresses), it's a unique experience. The story revolves around protagonist Lucas Kane, who stabs a man whilst in an eerie trance-like state at a New York City diner. As the plot develops, you play as both the police force and Lucas, in a “hunt and be hunted” style. From button mashing and responding to QTEs, it’s evident that the gameplay has carried through to Cage’s other titles such as Heavy Rain.

Particle Mace
Developer: Andy Makes
Platform: iOS
Price: $2.99

Particle Mace is among one of the most standout mentions this week. With its retro-esque arcade theme, it gives off an old-school vibe. Gameplay includes steering your ship clear of enemies, and hitting ‘em as you swing particles in their direction, similar to a mace-wielding motion (hence the name). It’s a simplistic and repetitive game, but it's highly addictive as you attempt to beat your own high scores.

Developer: Crescent Moon Games
Platform: iOS, Android
Price: $4.99 on the App Store and $8.02 on Google Play

A new sci-fi RPG from the makers of Ravensword: Shadowlands hit the App Store this week. Exiles, much like Radiation Island, has incredible graphics and an open-world. Taking place in the distant future, you traverse an apocalyptic, desolated planet where a corrupt regime attempts to enslave a colony with the use of a deadly virus. As an Elite Enforcer, you slowly unravel the mysteries and secrets involving this conspiracy. Fight hostile enemy forces and explore caves, underground temples, and more.

Combo Queen
Developer: Tap My Game, Inc.
Platform: iOS
Price: $1.99

This successful Kickstarter is now available on the App Store, and will eventually be releasing on Android. In this pixelated hack-and-slash, you take control of Queen, a barbaric, psychotic killer. The game features seamless rhythmic gameplay, where you tap the screen to perform timed hits and parries. It also has some RPG elements, such as progressively leveling up Queen with new equipment and combo sets.