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Monsters And Hunters Were Evenly Matched And Other Statistics From Evolve’s Open Beta

by Mike Futter on Jan 28, 2015 at 06:19 AM

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Turtle Rock and 2K have released some statistics from the Evolve open beta, along with notes about what is being tweaked. The game is already gold, but when it launches on February 10, it will incorporate some of the learnings from the test period.

In the beta, hunters won 51.5 percent of the time. This is down from 57 percent in the alpha. 

Telemetry showed that Wraith, who made its test phase debut, needed the most balancing. This monster had a win ratio of over 71 percent. Turtle Rock has successfully balanced the other two beasts, bringing Kraken’s win percentage down from 70 percent to 52 percent.

In order to bring Wraith in line with design philosophy, decoy will have a longer cooldown and using it while cloaked will bring you out of stealth. The same thing goes for warping, which can no longer be stacked with cloaking.

Abduction and warp blast are now a bit more potent with increased effect radii. Supernova is getting a slight damage nerf.

Average match length in the beta was about 10 minutes across over 2.2 million games. Also, if you want to tailor your play a bit, you’ll learn from the infographic below which monsters are most effective at different stages (based on telemetry data).

Click to enlarge.

Evolve will be out on February 10 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more, check out our cover story from February 2014.

[Source: Turtle Rock]


Our Take
It’s understandable if you are cautious about a beta test taking place after the game went gold. However, the kinds of things that Turtle Rock is talking about here are balancing features rather than stability or functional items. While this will mean a day one patch, if it really just includes items to even out the playing field, it shouldn’t be cause for alarm.