gdc 2015

Game Developers Choice Awards To Honor Brenda Romero, David Braben

by Mike Futter on Jan 27, 2015 at 05:46 AM

The Game Developers Choice Awards group has announced recipients for two prestigious awards. Brenda Romero has been chosen to receive the Ambassador Award and David Braben will receive the Pioneer Award.

Romero began working in the video game industry at the age of 15, and continued on to work on the Wizardy series, Jagged Alliance franchise, and Dungeons & Dragons console games. She is currently the program director of the Games and Playable Media program at UC Santa Cruz. She is also an owner of Loot Drop and Romero Games.

David Braben is one of the co-creators of open-world space title Elite. The title was released in 1984, and recently saw a successor in Elite Dangerous by Frontier Developments, of which Braben is the CEO. 

He was also involved in the creation of Raspberry Pi, an inexpensive, small computer for hobbyists. That group has a related charitable foundation focused on education, particularly in the areas of computer science and computers.   

The GDC Awards will be presented at a ceremony on March 4 at 6:30 p.m. The even coincides with the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.