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reader discussion

Reader Discussion: What Do You Think Of Windows Holographic?

by Brian Shea on Jan 21, 2015 at 12:14 PM

During today's Windows 10 briefing, Microsoft unveiled its latest technology venture, an ambitious augmented reality project called Windows Holographic. During the briefing, Microsoft demonstrated several applications of the HoloLens and the Holographic suite, from practical applications such as instructing someone on how to fix a pipe to experiences that feel ripped straight out of a science fiction novel like being able to customize a quadcopter and have it 3D-printed. Microsoft also included Minecraft in the demonstration as a nod to the potential gaming capabilities of the Holographic suite.

While we'll have our hands-on (eyes-on?) impressions of Windows Holographic and the HoloLens up on the site soon, we're curious as to what you think about the suite and the software being developed for it. Do you think this is the "next-generation" of PCs that developers in the videos shown claim it could be, or will this be a prototype that never makes it to market? Do you think HoloLens will open up a world of possibilities for gaming? How do you view the augmented reality of Holographic when compared to the virtual reality from companies like Oculus and Sony?