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Alien: Isolation Hatches Over 1 Million Copies Sold

by Mike Futter on Jan 21, 2015 at 10:09 AM

Sega and Creative Assembly have announced that 2014’s Alien: Isolation has reached a sales milestone. Over 1 million copies have been sold through to customers.

Creative Assembly worked to capture the claustrophobic, powerless feel of the original film. Rather than give players heavy weaponry against an army of Xenomorphs, Amanda Ripley faces off against a single alien (and human survivors and creepy androids).

You can read more about the title in our review. You can also get a more in-depth look in our October 2014 horror issue.


Our Take
Sega is no doubt relieved at the critical and sales reception for Alien: Isolation. The problems with Aliens: Colonial Marines left people skeptical about the franchise in video game form. Thankfully, Creative Assembly executed well on its design vision to replicate the feel of the original film.