Nintendo To End Club Nintendo In March, New Program To Be Announced

by Mike Futter on Jan 20, 2015 at 12:31 AM

After over six years, Nintendo is winding down its Club Nintendo loyalty program. Members have until the end of March to earn coins, which can be spent through June.

Through purchase of games and hardware and completion of surveys, users could earn coins to spend on games and physical memorabilia. A new loyalty program will be announced later.

Right now, users can choose from nine digital games:

  • Excitebike playable on Wii U
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 playable on Wii U
  • Grill-Off with Ultra Hand playable on Wii
  • Super Metroid playable on Wii
  • Super Punch-Out playable on Wii
  • Donkey Kong playable on 3DS
  • The Legend of Zelda playable on 3DS
  • Super Mario Land playable on 3DS
  • Wario Land II on 3DS

Additionally, there are 3DS game card cases available, Mario and Luigi greeting cards, Nintendogs greeting cards, a Super Smash Bros. poster set, and a NES Remix T-Shirt.

More physical and digital items will be added in February. Club Nintendo members will also be granted a free copy of Flipnote Studio 3D in February. New accounts will be accepted until March 31.


Our Take
This is a sad day, but a necessary step for Nintendo. Physical goods cost money to manufacture and ship (at no cost to members). Even digital goods have an associated financial liability.

I’ve enjoyed the items I’ve received from Club Nintendo, including a giant 3DS AR card, Hanafuda cards, posters, and recently, two different 3DS game card cases.  Nintendo hasn’t yet said if it will deliver Gold and Platinum awards this year, but I wouldn’t rule it out. 

Thanks for doing this for so long, Nintendo. Club Nintendo will surely be missed, but the items so many have received now mean just that much more.