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Reader Discussion: Which Nintendo Handheld Is Your Favorite?

by Brian Shea on Jan 16, 2015 at 12:25 PM

With Nintendo officially detailing the North American release of the New 3DS XL, it got us thinking back to our favorite handheld hardware.

Whether you're talking the grey brick that was the original Game Boy or the sleek New 3DS XL, Nintendo has always been successful in the realm of handhelds. My personal favorite is the 3DS XL thanks to how it feels in my hands, the strong functionality of the touchscreen and other hardware features, and the excellent library of games, but when the discussion opened up to the rest of the editors, I heard everything from Game Boy Advance SP to DSi getting thrown around.

What is your favorite Nintendo handheld device? Do you go retro with the Game Boy or even the more manageable and functional Game Boy Color, or do you prefer one of the 3DS models? Was the hardware or software a more important factor in making your decision?