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Marvel Vs. Capcom Spidey Gets Knocked Out In Marvel's Spider-Verse #2

by Mike Futter on Jan 14, 2015 at 01:39 PM

Forgive the multiple comic book stories tonight, but this one was too good to ignore. Marvel brought together a number of different incarnations of Spider-Man for an event called Spider-Verse, opening up the door to all sorts of clever nods.

The premise is that the villain Morlun is hunting all of the Spider Totems across the multiverse. In response, the Spideys team up and fight back.

There have been jokes about Spider-Man’s broadway appearance in Turn Out the Dark, the old Electric Company episodes, Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and (of course) an appearance by the Porktaculuar Spider-Ham. Today, we were made aware of the appearance of one of the many versions of the character that have appeared in gaming.

The page above comes from Spider-Verse #2 (out today), written by Dan Slott, artist Kris Anka, and colorist Chris Sotomayor. If you’ve ever wondered in which plane of the Marvel multiverse Capcom fight games take place, ponder no more. It’s Earth-30847.

Thanks for taking us for a ride, gentlemen.

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[Source: Marvel via NeoGAF]