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Nintendo Announces Free-To-Play Pokemon Shuffle For 3DS eShop

by Brian Shea on Jan 14, 2015 at 03:20 AM

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During the first Nintendo Direct presentation of 2015, Nintendo announced Pokemon Shuffle, a free-to-play puzzle game based on the popular monster-collecting series.

In Pokemon Shuffle, players must match three or more of the same Pokemon on the board to clear them, deal damage to the enemy monster, and work towards beating the stage. Each stage has a limited number of moves, requiring players to be efficient as they attack the opposing Pokemon and try to get its HP to zero.

Much like the main series, each Pokemon has a type and can be leveled up, which can enable players to be more effective in battle. Some Pokemon in Pokemon Shuffle have the ability to mega evolve, allowing them to remove many Pokemon from the board and deal heavy damage to the opponent. 

The game maintains its free-to-play style by providing players with five hearts at the beginning of the session. Each battle requires a heart, and once those hearts are depleted, the player will need to wait until they have replenished until they can play on. Players can also purchase more hearts by obtaining jewels, or by using eShop Points. The Nintendo Direct showed the onscreen player acquiring a jewel from StreetPass, which enabled them to buy more hearts. In addition, there are other in-game items that can be received through regular gameplay or through purchasing with eShop Points.

Pokemon Shuffle will be available for download on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in February.