Heroes Of The Storm Enters Closed Beta

by Daniel Tack on Jan 13, 2015 at 09:08 AM

With a patch including a new map, new character, and ranked play, Heroes of the Storm is officially leaving the alpha tag behind to enter closed beta. There's a significant amount of balance tweaks and changes that accompany the rollout as well.

Closed beta allows players to battle on the new map Sky Temple, which is an objective oriented map featuring three obelisks. These obelisks will pummel and destroy enemy defenses while under your team's control, but beware as difficulty NPC guardians will spring to life to defend these valuable control points. Players have the added challenge of having to fend off these NPCs and the enemy team at the same time, leading to big team fights under the devastating punches of the computer controlled defenders.

Thrall joins the ranks of the character roster with this patch, a brutal melee assassin style hero with plenty of brawn to back up a hearty sustained burst.

In addition to the new map and character, this transition to closed beta includes draft pick and ranked play. Ranked play will only be available to level 30 players that have at least 10 characters to select from - players can test their skills solo or in team formats.