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Nyko Creates PS4 Hard Drive Add-On For Bigger, Less Expensive Drives

by Mike Futter on Jan 07, 2015 at 02:59 AM

In the July 2014 issue, we shared with you detailed instructions on how to replace the hard drive in your PlayStation 4. For many console owners, the 500 GB available simply won’t cut it anymore.

The PlayStation 4 requires a 2.5-inch hard drive, but Nyko has announced a device that will support larger (and typically less expensive) 3.5-inch drives. The Data Bank replaces the top cover on the left side of the console with a bay for larger storage options.

This will likely shave $30 to $40 off the price of a replacement drive depending on what size you choose. Unfortunately, no price has been announced for the Data Bank, which means we don’t know exactly how much your net savings will likely be.

The peripheral is scheduled for release in the first half of 2015.


Our Take
It’s getting on time for me to get more storage for all three of my current consoles. My hesitation with the Data Bank is how it may change the heat profile of the system. Cheaper storage is great, but if it comes at the cost of system integrity (as some of these magic bullet add-ons have done in past generations), the savings aren’t worth it.