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reader discussion

Reader Discussion: What Was Your Biggest Gaming Disappointment Of 2014?

by Mike Futter on Dec 30, 2014 at 06:19 AM


As much as we would like every story to be about exciting new gameplay, clever and innovative mechanics, and sneakily hidden easter eggs, reality seems to get the way. We often have to report on bugs, outages, and some less-than-friendly corporate practices.

Not every game lives up to its promise (though as we discussed yesterday, some pop up and pleasantly surprise us). Problems arise at unexpected times, and sometimes the game we thought would carry us through most of the year cycles out of rotation much earlier than anticipated.

So, one last time before we clean the slate and start anew in 2015, let’s vent. What gaming industry mistakes of 2014 do you hope get patched up in the new year?